Sunday, September 27, 2009

iPod Accessories

I know you're addicted to your ipod...

But who isn't? I listen to mine all the time and it's nice to have the most practical and stylish accessories to make life easier on me and my ipod.

ipod socks

ipod socks are adorable, practical, and protective!

protect your screen in style. If you order from or buy them at an apple store they will come in six different vibrant colors. They slide on easily and come off when you want to listen. Easy as that.

Rubber ipod slip-covers aka ipod skins

So many different kinds of these...

There a about a million different variations of your basic rubber
iPod cover. You can find them in a bunch of different colors and patterns too! The best ones are the ones with screen covers so you won't get scratches.

iPod speakers

because everyone needs a little loud in their life.

iPod speakers is a meticulous process.

You first have to find out which will work for your
. If you have a nano, make sure the
speakers you are interested in are compatible with a nano. Same thing with iPod minis, videos, and shuffles.

Next, you have to determine the purpose of your speakers. Do you want them for a party? Do you want to use it as an alarm clock and charger? Do you need your speakers for travel?

If you need them for a party you should consider getting a larger sound system that can go very loud and can project.

If you need them in your bedroom. Get some with an alarm clock and remote for convenience and to make sure you wake up on time for work or school.

If you need them for travel make sure that they are small and compact and will charge your ipod as well. Charging is always a nice and convenient feature.

Once you find the perfect speakers for you, hunt the best price down online and in stores near you.

Screen covers

No scratches here...

You and your ipod have been through so much together...but you don't want it to look that way. Prevent battle scars with plastic screen covers that don't show up and stay one easily.

Hard cases

Tough protection that'll keep your ipod in mint condition.

You want heavy duty? Hard cases are the way to go for the clumsier of us...or just the ones of us who really worry about keeping our ipods protected (guilty as charged).

Again...these covers come in beautiful and crazy colors. Pick your favorite style that suits your mood.

iPod repair kits

If it hasn't happened will.

I know I've dropped my ipod...and I'm sure there are many of you out there that have dropped your's! If you weren't lucky enough to have a reliable case on it (such as those seen above) then you may have done some damage. The good news is much of this damage is repairable. These repair kits are a must!

Armbands and Holders

For your listening pleasure...hands free!

These are great solutions for the dillemma of trying to hold your ipod and do the million other things you're busy with at the same time.


Without wouldn't hear nothin.

Earbuds are obviously essential. They come in many different models and shapes. Some of the best ones can be personally made for your ear. Those are a bit more expensive than most though.

There are also foam, gel, and plastic caps and covers to put over them for maximized grip, protection, and a burst of color!

iPod car chargers

feed your ipod on the road and at home

Chargers are essential to owning an ipod. It's so much easier to stick your
on a dock then to turn on your computer, plug in your
, and wait.